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This story is about a boy who is born to a family, where the parents earn for their survival and have no big dreams of making their son an Engineer or a Doctor. One day an elder of the village asked the parents to educate their son so that he can put an end to their struggle. Thus the parents decide to send their son to school. They put their son in the government school of their village. The boy did not have high aims from the day one of becoming anything; school was just a routine thing to him. He wanted to be perfect in blending with others in school. So he imitated what others did. His parents always encouraged to study well, so he used to mug up everything to impress his teachers.
In his 7th class he became the topper in his Mandal. The toppers who scored high in Math’s and Physics were felicitated. So this boy thought that he would only get recognized if he tops in Math’s and Physics. That day he decided that he would take Math’s and physics as his subjects to get a job in a government office. In their village hardly 2 or 3 people have studied till intermediate which is their highest qualification. One day a guy from another village who had studied MCA came to their house. He decided to help this boy by guiding him in Math’s and Physics for a good career. By the time he completed his 9th class he had already learned 10thclass syllabus, and passed his 10th standard with first class, which never happened in their village as people did not get more than 3rd or 2nd class.
This boy had a cousin who liked him since they were kids. She dreamed of seeing him become a collector one day. But because if the lack of a standard education in their school, he had to struggle and study very hard to try to make her dream come true. He was the first person to get above 500 Marks in the Mandal. He also got above 90% in his Intermediate. His parents did not have money to send him to a good college so asked him to join any degree in a government college. He joined the degree college in their village and to earn money to pay his fees he joined a small theatre in the booking counter. One day a sir from APRJC came to see a movie but forgot to take the extra change after paying for his ticket. When he came back to take the money he asked the boy where he was studying his engineering. The boy said that he dint have money to pay his fees for engineering. The sir asked to teach mentally challenged kids in his school in subjects like mental ability and Math’s, the sir would in return pay for his semester fees for engineering. The boy had to face many challenges till his second year of engineering. 
Like in every film there is a villan, there too is a villan in this story too, the girl’s father the boy’s uncle. Her father asked her to get married. But both of them had their dreams and wanted to make them true, so requested the boy’s uncle and tried to convince him at their fullest, but in vain. His uncle got the girl married off to an auto driver. With this all the dreams of the boy got shattered. He started drinking…and everything…started neglecting his studies
When he reached his 4th year the boy fortunately met his School Principal Mr.Ramnarayana Sir who he considers as his God. The boy stayed with him for 1 year and completed his engineering. He guided the boy with his words “WALK SLOWLY….BUT NEVER WALK BACKWARDS”.
Since there were no placements in his college he joined as JTO, and enrolled for Master’s program with JNTU to become a good VLSI engineer. He worked hard to learn from the industries experts, and his hard work paid off when he got a job in a good MNC.
This story once again proves that hard work and dedication gives a man courage and strength to fulfill his dreams and ambitions.

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On August 1, 2013 at 11:30 AM , ramesh said...

Really Inspiring Mahi..
Now I should follow your principle as currently
I'm in very bad phase of life