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India is still a developing country. The reason is that level of education is not good as per the challenges the country facing and unable to compete with the international standards.

Especially in rural areas, the quality of education is poor and the methodology needs to be improved.

I quote an example to justify this point. During my schooling, Teacher was narrating about verb forms V1, V2, V3. The teacher used an example as reference where he said the verb forms for word “LOOK” are LOOK-LOOKED-LOOKING. When he posed a question to my friend to explain verb form for word “GO”, he replied GO-GOKED-(GOKING=itching)”.

There by I conclude the teaching should improve in villages by providing them resources and if possible collaborate with urban of which form the backbone of the country, there by country should develop.

I take the privilege standing before you only because of person who is my inspiration my principal Mr.Ramnarayana sir who stood with me to face and overcome problems and said.


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